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digital media sucks

Maurizio has a great post about the dismal quality of mp3/ACC audio, and the parallels in crappy video. Actually the problem – for audio at least – is far worse than just the final format:

Dynamic range, warmth and depth have all but disappeared it seems in today’s music recordings. Music is compressed in recording, in mastering, in broadcast; often at all three stages. The loudness effect is ubiquitous. Broadcast audio is so pumped that it never seems to vary more than a few db. What results is music that is shallow, cold, harsh and without any kind of imaging or space.

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thou shalt not…

Some fellow named “Bopuc” linked to this vid, of
dan le sac VS scroobius pip, which is, really, quite great:

I thought dan le sac (or scroobius?) might change his mind when he got to the Clash, but he didn’t, and i was happy. courage of convictions.

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Video – boogat

I did a video interview of Montreal hip hop artist Boogat, for the National Arts Centre’s Scene Quebec programme/podcast. SceneQuebec is an arts festival in Ottawa/Gatineau, April 20-May 5.

Here’s the boogat vid.


There are a few more vids by me coming out too, some about theatre, and another about the classical music programming.

You can find the scenequebec schedule & tix here, the podcast here, and check out Alexis O’Hara’s vid – great stuff.