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  1. Dan Dan 2010-11-03

    She’s beautiful, Hugh! I’m so happy for you and C :)

  2. Craig Silverman Craig Silverman 2010-11-03

    Beautiful. Huge congrats.

  3. Lee Ann Howlett Lee Ann Howlett 2010-11-03

    She is lovely, indeed! Congrats to the family!

  4. Lex Lex 2010-11-04

    Fantastic news!!! She’s beautiful and already smiling.

    Overjoyed to hear that Mum is recovering well! Yay, yay, yay, yay.

  5. Olivier Thereaux Olivier Thereaux 2010-11-05

    Congrats to the two (well, three!) of you. And Welcome to Beatrice!

  6. Stuart Macmillan Stuart Macmillan 2010-11-08

    She’s beautiful and couldn’t be blessed with a better pair of parents. I hope the three of you are managing to find a few hours of sleep somewhere. Congratulations!

  7. Justin S Barrett Justin S Barrett 2010-11-23

    She’s quite the cutie. Congratulations to the McGuire family!

  8. Robin Browne Robin Browne 2010-12-08

    Nice to see that even as busy as you are – you still find time to produce the really important content. :-)
    She’s a cutie dude!

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