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HTML5 Audio Tag Mess

Good news: in the new HTML5 spec, you don’t need Flash or another plugin to play audio files from standards compliant browsers. Instead, you can put your audio link between <audio> tags, and all should be well.

New releases of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera all support the audio tag.

Bad news: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera all support the tag, but they don’t all support the same codecs – or kinds of audio files. Here, from HTM5 Doctor, is a list of current support:

HTML5 browser codec support


You can solve the problem by offering all the codecs between the tags, so:

<source src="librivox.ogg" />
<source src="librivox.mp3" />
<source src="librivox.wav" />

Anyone have a better explanation for such a jumble?

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Links – Tony Judt and Parenting

Weekly links.

Remembering Tony Judt,

* audio
* transcript

Hugh for Mitch: Mitch recently had to cancel a lunch with me because of a funeral. I’ve had two close friends (one real life, one online) die of cancer in the past three months. Death is a fact of our existence that we aren’t good at coping with in Western culture. This is an interview with Tony Judt, the prolific British/Amercian historian, from a few months back, when he was suffering a quick decline from Lou Gehrig’s disease, an affliction to which he succumbed this week. It’s funny, and smart and moving.

Why Parents Hate Parenting
The Last Psychiatrist

Hugh for Alistair: There’s been much talk about happiness and parenthood of late, with more studies showing that kids (supposedly) make you unhappy. I’ve come across the Last Psychiatrist blog a few times in the past couple of weeks, and each time come away thinking: reading time well spent. Here he cuts apart the premises upon which the happy/unhappy parent paradigm is built. Conclusion: ego overload.