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Stuff for Your Mac

I had lunch with Mitch today; he’s a new convert to Mac. He asked for some suggestions of software that I love, so I sent him this list (that leaves out a few obvious ones that he’s already using – eg Skitch):

1password: encrypted password manager, changed my life … have not got it working on my iphone tho :/

Jumpcut: clipboard buffer, lets you copy lots of things to your clipboard, and paste just the things you want.

Dropbox: all my files get backed up here, synced on all machines, incl iphone … peace of mind. (I also back-up my 1password database there).

Grand Perspective: shows you what’s on your hard drive.

Handbrake: for putting DVDs in usable digital format (eg. mp4).

Things: an excellent/simple to-do manager, syncs w iphone.

Also, just one other thing that makes life amazing, is the QuickDrag plugin for Firefox, which lets you just click & “fling” a link to open it in another tab.

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