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Thought: the Internet and Books

I just posted this to Twitter, but I think it might be important enough to commit in the hard stone of a blog. And the thought is the following:

The distinction between “the internet” & “books” is totally totally arbitrary, and will disappear in 5 years. Start adjusting now.


  1. Kat Meyer Kat Meyer 2010-05-06

    You are blowing my mind, Mr. McGuire. Can’t wait to hear more. I’m typing this to you on my computer which is utilizing the internet, i mean, book. Oh, i’m so confused…

  2. Elisabeth Elisabeth 2010-05-06

    I still like curling up with my book when I go to bed. Curling up with the internet…doesn’t sound as lovely.
    And yes, I know what a Kindle or a Kobo is. And spent (too much) of my day on-line.
    I am intrigued.

  3. hugh hugh 2010-05-07

    gonna write a long post on sunday.

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