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Ten Thoughts about Social Media Marketing

I gave a workshop at the annual YES Montreal Entrepreneurship Conference about social media & marketing. Here it is:

Here are my ten thoughts:

Marketing isn’t convincing people to buy your stuff.
Marketing is making sure that the people who want your stuff will find it.

Social media is not a tool.
It’s a strategy.

If you are using social media for business or marketing you have to know:
a. who you want to connect with
b. why you want to connect with them …
…then you have to figure out what you can do to give them value.

Don’t blog to be known.
Blog to be knowable.

Figure out who the influencers are.
And who they are influenced by.
Interact with them.

Don’t be a social media douchebag.

Blogging effectively requires discipline.

When other people talk about you, Google hears them.
And Google smiles upon those who are talked about.


Spread the love.
Link out, retweet, show appreciation.

Social media works when you give value to others, so:
a. publish good content
b. show appreciation for others
c. point to great stuff on the web
d. interact with your readers
c. care about your readers


  1. Elisabeth Elisabeth 2010-05-06

    I think I had an encounter with a “social media douchebag”. I accused a large Canadian organization of being one. I quoted you. Hope that’s okay.
    Out of curiousity: care to elaborate?

  2. Hugh Hugh 2010-05-07

    “social media douchebag” has a couple of meanings to me:

    1. someone who uses social media (blogs/twitter) to constantly promote themselves/their products … using social media for their own gain without providing any value back to their readers/community.

    2. someone who claims to be a “social media guru” etc…and claims s/he can: get you more twitter followers, improve your seo, tell you how to make money selling ebooks. etc.

  3. Landon Phillips Landon Phillips 2010-07-25

    marketing always makes a product more popular and is necessary for its success.*’;

  4. Tom Peterson Tom Peterson 2011-01-17

    Can you explain the concept of “known vs knowable”? I don’t think I get it.

  5. Hugh Hugh 2011-02-05

    “blog to be known” … means blog so that people will find out about you.

    “blog to be knowable” … means that you blog so that when people are looking for you, or something you might provide, and they come to your webpage, they can understand who you are, what you do, so they can evaluate what value you might bring.

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