Press "Enter" to skip to content is Live and Fantastic, the National Film Board’s web site is now live, and open for viewers. Seven hundred documentaries, shorts, animations and general filmy goodness are available in their entirety on the site. I’ve been playing for a while now with the beta, but very happy this is out there in the wild now. I still have some niggles about the navigation and UI, but as long as they keep adding content, I will be a happy man.

The NFB used to make some of the most beautiful films in the world, and was a beacon of experimentation and integrity in the new art of the documentary film. Watch, for instance, this exquisite doc, by the master Gilles Groulx, Un Jeu Si Simple. You don’t have to care a whit about hockey, or speak French for that matter, to appreciate one of the most elegant movies you’ll ever see, a study in brilliant editing. If you are a hockey fan, this is something like uncovering a footage of Greek gods on Olympus.

[Good on ya, Matt]


  1. Jon Husband Jon Husband 2009-02-12

    Yes, it’s one hell of a site.

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