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New Podcast: Media Hacks

Mitch Joel, Julien Smith and I get together every once in a while for lunch, inevitably yakking about media, the web, communities. Sometimes they make me talk about marketing too. It’s almost invariably intense, and fun, and illuminating, and I usually leave all fired up (after having let loose with a few grumpy-old-man tirades against various offenders against common sense). Mitch keeps saying, “You know, we should record these lunches.” And Julien & I say: “Yup.”

But Mitch one-upped that idea, and asked some more smart digital people to join us for an every-so-often podcast. So, together with the three Montreal amigos, Chris Brogan, CC Chapman, Chris Penn will help round out the podcast sixsome. We’re calling it:

media hacks

(No url yet, but it’s coming I think).

Here is the first episode (mp3), featuring Julien, Chris Brogan, and Mitch, but not: CC, Chris Penn, and me. [Note: it’s intro’d as Six Pixels of Separation, but it’ll have it’s own, er, branding soon. Also Note: Julien swears like a drunken sailor, which is why we love him].

[photo by CC]