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Information Society, Circa 1981

I think this guy was on to something, when he wrote this in 1980:

In the information society (1) information, the axis of socio-economic development, will be produced by the information utility … a computer-based public infrastructure … (2) self-production of information by users will increase; information will accumulate, (3) this accumulated information will expand through synergetic production and shared utilization and (4) the economy will change structurally from an exchange economy to a synergetic economy …

[openbook booknumber=”0930242157″]


  1. Marie-Eve Marie-Eve 2008-11-13

    Interesting. This ties in well with the notion of “networked information economy” of Yochai Benkler ( ). Benkler situates this type economy as a ground-up opportunity for smaller producer to compete with telecoms… and “information economy”, in contrast, is the top-down reign of telecoms…. I think i’ll need to read Masuda… might come in handy for a presentation i’m giving on this topic… thanks!

  2. Hugh Hugh 2008-11-14

    heh … except written 25 years earlier before mass adoption of computers, an well before the www !

  3. Marie-Eve Marie-Eve 2008-11-14

    yeah! that’s why I’ve put this book on hold last night. found it at my faculty’s library.

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