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does your candidate believe in open?

ibelieveinopenJennifer Bell, of has launched a new site, ibelieveinopen, asking candidates to take a pledge for openness:

I believe candidates should:

  • Support reforms that increase government transparency and accountability.
  • Make campaign promises specific and measurable, and report progress on promises and their metrics at least semi-annually.
  • Publish the content of his or her daily schedule, including meetings with lobbyists and special interest groups.
  • Support reforms allowing free access to scientific and survey data gathered by government institutions.
  • Support reforms that make it easier for Canadians to obtain government information they have a right to know.

As of today, there are 51 candidate pledges (about evenly split between the Greens & the NDP, with 1 Libera)l. I’ve emailed all my candidates to ask them if they will be taking the pledge, except Sebastian Dhavernas, who does not have an email address listed on the interweb!

Here is the little email I sent, if you would like to copy it:


Will [Candidate Name] be signing this pledge?

51 candidates have done so already.

Hugh McGuire

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