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Book Oven Blog

book oven blogSome of you know that Stephanie, Marie-Eve and I, and a few others including Dan & Chris from LibriVox & Collectik, have been working on a new project.

The project itself is still top-secretish, but we’ve sorta launched a weblog, called the Book Oven Blog. It’s about: “books, making books and our relationship with text.”

I just wrote a post today about typewriters and writing software…

I’ve recently come into possession of the old Underwood typewriter that was in the office of the house I grew up in. After my mother threatened to throw it out, I inherited the thing, and now it’s serving as a decorative piece collecting dust in our front entrance way. I used to love that typewriter as a kid – I remember writing stories and school assignments and once a contract between my father and me for the purchase of a Rawlings baseball glove (he would pay half and I would pay half out of my allowance, collected over several months)….[more…]

If you have any interest in writing something for us about books or writing or publishing (?), ping me…and, of course feel free to comment read or subscribe etc.