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about my twitter friends

Here are the abouts from my twitter friends:

i podcast and create junk for a living
Indie Music and Fun
UX & Web developer from Poutine land.
Dopplr CTO. If you follow me, consider starting off with an @mattb message and introduce yourself.
I do web stuff for people, design, xhtml/css, blogs, etc.
Still having fun with the web.
sweeping generalizations and jalepeño peppers
Web smith
develop coffee, drink code, free software and wonder
CTO and Co-founder @ Praized Media
i do/create/study stuff. i sometimes get angry. But i’m mostly happy
President of Twist Image. Podcaster of Six Pixels of Separation. Professional Speaker.
Canadian Entrepreneur & Community Instigator
Screenwriter and freelance reporter
San Francisco, Montreal, Wikitravel,,,,
Author, journalist and editor of Regret the Error.
Sysadmin, Rush addict
Game designer, raging extrovert.
I make audiobooks and knit
A cynic in the making
Insatiably curious
Illustrator, comic book artist, and blogger. Author of
New Media + Politics
free public domain audiobooks
great audio suggestions from around the world, via
music, macs, mets.
Coworking space in Montréal
gardening, beekeeping, knitting, spinning, puzzles
Mosaicing a virtual self, one tweet at a time
Keeping track of what you think about anything, in 140 characters
“…the hottest thing from the North to come out of the South…”