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Rogers iphone response

I sent Rogers customer service the following email:


you must be joking? those rates are terrible. why does canada have the
worst data plans in the world?

you”ve just killed the iphone in canada, congrats.

And they responded with:

Dear Hugh McGuire,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of
online customer service.

In your recent email, you have informed us that our newly released
iPhone 3G plans are a disappointment.

We are sorry to hear that our iPhone 3G voice and data packages value
are less than you were expecting. We would like to point out that they
do offer more data and airtime than our traditional packages and they
also come with the added features of bonus text messages and visual
voicemail. However, we appreciate that this release has come with
expectations from our customers.

Each carrier has a different pricing strategy. Rogers has designed a
pricing structure that offers high-value, flexible voice and data
packages so that Canadians can make the most of their iPhone 3G

To fully appreciate everything this device has to offer (phone, iPod and
Internet in one 3G device), our price plans include both voice and data.
We have a wide selection of high value, flexible plans to meet your

? The majority of carriers offering iPhone 3G worldwide do not have
unlimited plans for this device. Some carriers have implemented a ?soft
cap? so the plan isn?t truly ?unlimited?. For example, in France the
soft cap is 500MB where we have a plan that includes 4 times that amount
in your bucket. Unlimited plans could end up costing you more for what
you don?t use.

? Based on reports that the average usage for the first generation
iPhone was less than 100MB per month, our iPhone 3G plans more than
accommodate the vast majority of customers. Rogers?s customers get 4
times the data on our $60 entry level plan (400 MB) and 20 times the
data on our most comprehensive plan.

At Rogers we are always aiming to improve service to better meet the
needs of our customers and we appreciate your feedback. Your comments
will be passed along for further review and consideration.

We truly hope that you continue to stay loyal to Rogers Wireless however
should you feel that you need to make that move elsewhere. We kindly ask
that the account holder contact our customer care centre by phone at
your convenience. You may contact our Wireless Customer Relations
department toll free from a landline at 1-888-764-3771 or by dialing
*611 from your wireless phone. Our Hours of Operations are Monday to
Friday from 8AM to 9PM and on Saturday from 8AM to 6PM, EST.

Thank you for contacting Rogers. We appreciate your comments. We are
pleased to have been able to address your inquiry. For additional
information please visit our website at

For future email correspondence with respect to this e-mail, please
quote reference number 38955822

Patty T.
Rogers Online Customer Service

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