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tourism-mtl & the inter-what?

Tourism-Montreal has just launched, according to Patrick, a $1.5 million web site. I just violated their terms of service, because incredibly (that word is too weak), their terms of service indicate:

You are prohibited from creating links in other Web sites leading to this Web site without prior express authorization from the Site Owner.


UPDATE: Martin Lessard has news (from Emmanuelle Legault, Directrice des communications, Tourisme Montréal) that all shall be well on the Tourism-Mtl site, and the crazy anti-linking terms will be taken away (apparently it had something to do with porno sites!?!).


  1. Mat Mat 2008-05-24

    brave of you to risk jail time!

  2. zura zura 2008-05-27

    Oh hilarious. You, Hugh, should be clapped in jail for promoting the site!

  3. Hugh Hugh 2008-05-27

    every time i hear sirens, i start sweating.

  4. Martin Lessard Martin Lessard 2008-05-27

    If I read correctly, you are NOT using their site by posting on YOUR site. How THEIR terms of services affect YOUR space? Wait! I will add a Terms of Services on my site asking strickly to forbid Hugh McGuire to write about, let’s say, you life. Yes. Catcha!

    (thanks to our smart layers, nobody will find Montreal on the web now)

  5. Martin Lessard Martin Lessard 2008-05-27

    Hugh, everything should be fine now. The right person at Tourism-Mtl catched the puck and will revise it into a more advised twist.

  6. Hugh Hugh 2008-05-27

    martin, merci pour les bonnes nouvelles!

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