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friday mixed tape: the other woman

Nothing says heartbreak like good country music. Here’s a few about the other woman:

Patsy Cline: She’s got You

Loretta Lynn: Other Woman
The coal miner’s daughter.

Dolly Parton: Jolene
What a fantastic song. What a voice. [Also, check the White Stripes cover version]

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  1. Marie-Eve Marie-Eve 2008-04-27

    thank you thank you thank you for adding Dolly Parton’s Jolene to this mixtape. One of my fave songs by far. Still get tears rolling down my cheeks. great song, great performer. Also of interest: Yonder Hill (Dara, and Katie Moore from Mtl) does a terrific rendition of Jolene. Can often be heard at Sunday Bluegrass at Barfly.

    Some more heartache, bluegrass style: I’d recommend 1952 Black Vincent Lightning by Richard Thompson
    (not the best version, but the lyrics are wonderful)

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