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CBC to Torrent?

Via Michael Geist:

Sources indicate that the CBC is set to become the first major North American broadcaster to freely release one of its programs without DRM using BitTorrent. This Sunday, CBC will air Canada Next Great Prime Minister. The following day, it plans to freely release a high-resolution version via peer-to-peer networks without any DRM restrictions. This development is important not only because it shows that Canada’s public broadcaster is increasingly willing to experiment with alternative forms of distribution, but also because it may help crystallize the net neutrality issue in Canada.


  1. Rob Maguire Rob Maguire 2008-03-19

    This is great news, it’s just too bad that they are trying this out with a cheesy reality show, rather than The National, or something of that ilk.

  2. Hugh Hugh 2008-03-19

    Yeah … there’s still a problem with understanding who wants this stuff … generally info geeks. who probably don’t want to watch whatever that show is, it sounds god-awful.

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