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One Window Per Child

Negroponte says that a Windows operating system is in the process of being fine-tuned on the XO as we speak. “Microsoft and OLPC are in discussion on how to release it, as well as how to announce,” he said. Negroponte added that the Windows operating system should be available on the XO in less than 60 days.


Good, Bad, Ugly?


  1. Kara Kara 2008-03-17

    Uh. WHAT? Vomit. Weep. Well, that’s that. End of a dream. Sigh.

  2. Hugh Hugh 2008-03-17

    I’m told these are just rumours…who knows.

  3. Steven Mansour Steven Mansour 2008-03-17

    Who cares? If users / schools get the choice between Windows and the Sugar UI / Linux all the better.

    I’m sure if they announced “a Mac OS X operating system being fine-tuned on the XO” fanboys would be all over it.

  4. Hugh Hugh 2008-03-18

    What do you think the chances are that schools will get the choice?

    whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, i don’t know. but i’ll bet you $50 “choice” won’t be one of the things on offer, one way or another. that’s not the way projects like this work.

  5. jeremy clarke jeremy clarke 2008-04-10

    Yeah, this is actually probably a good thing. A friend of mine bought an XO with the buy two get one deal and I have to say, Sugar is a reeking, moronic piece of shit. It crashes regularly and doesn’t make any sense as far as I can tell.

    Maybe it’s a good idea that I just can’t conceive of (even as someone explains it to me) but I really think they went the wrong route. The hardware is groundbreaking, but having the software also be groundbreaking was an unnecessary risk and one that I can’t help predicting will cause the downfall of XO, especially when Asus has such a sweet hit with the eeepc with it’s WinXP-like linux distro. Why can’t the XO use somethign like that? Why not Xubuntu or something?

    Running windows on it is just as stupid of course, but I very much believe that they are desperate to fix the biggest problem with the XO, Sugar.

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