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hughscast(?)#1: nokia audiobooks

This is an audio interview with Janne Vainio, an audio engineer at Nokia, who put together the Audiobooks project at Nokia’s BetaLabs. The project features LibriVox books as the first test books for download, in a special optimized format. From the about of the project:

Nokia Audiobooks is a beta concept that enables you to enjoy audiobooks while on the go. It includes a highly efficient audio compression technology optimized for voice (AMR-WB), a player application for S60 (Nokia Audiobook Player), and an audio converter tool for PC (Nokia Audiobook Manager). Whereas traditional music player applications are optimized for music, Nokia Audiobook Player is optimized for audiobooks, enabling you to browse chapters, set bookmarks, and automatically continue from where you stopped listening last time.

This is a segment from a longer LibriVox community podcast #74, that you can find here.

And here is the interview on its own:

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