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the making of footloose

Footloose is surely one of the great cinematic achievements of the 1980s, but these years later it’s not Kevin Bacon “dancing away oppression” that we remember most, but rather the searing sounds of Kenny Loggins’ unforgettable theme song, Footloose, which surely was the soundtrack of a generation of youth who were “yearning burning for some/ Somebody to tell [them] / That life ain’t passing [them] by …” I was one of those youths who yearned. Burned.

I always assumed that the great Loggins wrote that song after a long cocaine bender had eaten up all cash reserves and back taxes were due, but it turns out the story behind the classic songsmithing is much, much, much more inspiring.

Here is a documentary film called: Jimmy Buffet & Footloose.

[via: wfmu]