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LibriVox, 100 TB per month?

*LibriVox top 10 books result in about 190,000 downloads per month.
*The zip files for those 10 books add up to 3.8 GB
*Or an average of 380 MB/download
*meaning, per month, our top 10 books alone represent 190,000 * 380MB = 72 TeraBytes

BUT: a download might be just one file, or a whole zip. so let’s say that only half those downloads are a whole zip, meaning monthly downloads for top 10, of 36 TB.

Those 10 books are 10 out of 1,200 books, or 0.8% of the catalog. But assuming that that 0.8% of the catalog = 33% of the downloads, then that makes our monthly bandwidth something like:


Rough calc, but: Holy Shit.

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