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friday mixed tape: TV Theme Songs

This week, TV theme songs.

Greatest American Hero
I can’t really remember this show all that well, but I sure remember the song.

The Littlest Hobo
To meet my cancon requirements. [Also: another shower favourite] … for my international readers, Littlest Hobo was a Lassie-esque show about a dog that wandered around Southern Ontario, solved mysteries, and then, just when the thankful families were about to put out a nice steak for him, they’d turn around … and he’d be gone again.

Knight Rider
Michael Knight & KITT edged out the Dukes of Hazard in the competition, with the Romanian judge awarding Dukes a shocking 3 for technical merit. Dukes is appealing the decision. [On a personal note, I must say I’d forgotten what a bad-assed theme song this show had. No wonder I loved it].


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