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the real steve jobs is pissed

fake steve jobs writes a blog i’ve read very occasionally, funny satire on all things tech, apple and jobsy. the real steve jobs, apparently, has had enough. the fake one got a letter from apple lawyers, and how’s this for scary:

And then, I swear to friggin God, there’s a list of my assets with an estimated value for each and I suppose the implied threat that I stand to lose them. Which kinda scares the living shit out of me, to be honest, since they’ve got a pretty thorough list, which means they’ve been doing some research on this and the offer didn’t just come out of thin air. Their lists includes my home address, most recent assessed value of my house and all the information about my mortgage; a rental property that we own; my bank accounts and investment accounts, including the college funds for our kids, whose names are used; and our boat and two cars.

Of course this is a satire blog, so not totally sure if the story’s true, but if so …

UPDATE: appears this, like the rest of the blog, is a hoax (see Chris’ comments below and …check on the Internet).


  1. Christopher Hughes Christopher Hughes 2007-12-23

    revealed as hoax, by Real Steve Jobs. he responded to an email diatribe, from a member of the public, with ‘what, praytell, are you talking about?’

    It here:

    Its a satirical take on the thinksecret shutdown. Rather funny and makes a very good point. Especially amusing that so many readers if the blog seem offended at being sent up. Like, its okay to defend a guy who spends all his time sending someone else up, but if you, yourself, are sent up a bit – that’s unacceptable!

  2. Allan Allan 2007-12-29

    A friend at Apple gave me a book by the fake steve jobs called “options”.
    It’s actually pretty good.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-12-30

    yes, he’s pretty funny.

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