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you should watch connections

We’ve been watching the 1978 BBC series Connections on Youtube at dinner time. It is a history of the world thru technology, demonstrating the chain reactions of incremental and quantum jumps in knowledge and tech, and their impacts on how we live. Fantastic television, and you should all watch it instead of the Knight Rider (or whatever is on TV these days). Here are the links to Episode 1 on Youtube:

> Connections, episode 1, part 1 of 5
> Connections, episode 1, part 2 of 5
> Connections, episode 1, part 3 of 5
> Connections, episode 1, part 4 of 5
> Connections, episode 1, part 5 of 5

I think the whole series is on Youtube; as well as the follow-up series: Connections II, and Connections III.


  1. Maurizio Ortolani Maurizio Ortolani 2007-12-20

    I love these shows and am happy to know they are on YouTube. Thanks, Hugh.

    ‘Firing up TubeSock to get the shows onto my iPod for the holidays.

  2. Oliver Lavery Oliver Lavery 2008-01-02

    Sweet! One of the best memories from my childhood was watching this show, one of the first things I ever saw on the ever-so-newfangled VHS.

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