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friday mixed tape: the final frontier

This week, in celebration of the launch of, (and the earideas audio challenge) songs about lifting off.

Peter Schilling: Major Tom (1983)
So of course the real song to put here is Bowie’s Space Oddity, where Major Tom first made his appearance. But the Schilling reinterpretation was a big favourite of mine as a kid, and it does have qualities of its own, including a good proto-techo drum/synth track. And the “4-3-2-1 earth below us …” still gives me shivers.

Europe: Final Countdown (1986)
This would get my vote for the worst song in the history of the galaxy.

William Shatner: Rocket Man (Elton John) (live in 1978)
At the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards, Captain Kirk “sings” Elton John’s Rocket Man. A piece of surreal, otherworldly … genius. Art of the highest caliber.

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  1. Ariana Coleman Ariana Coleman 2010-06-29

    Elton John is a very good musician and has been my idol ever since.:”:

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