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After a whole lot of work, the Collectik Team is very happy to announce the official (soft) launch, of the Canadian Cultural Podcast Directory, a project of the National Arts Centre, and (a site run by the Department of Canadian Heritage) … coding, design and implementation by Collectik.

Here is the about:

Welcome to’s cultural podcast listing. This unique collection, curated with the expertise of the National Arts Centre, brings together Canadian audio and video podcasts that reflect Canada’s vibrant arts and culture scene. We collect podcasts produced by Canadians in French, English, and other languages on a variety of cultural topics.

We strive to be a complete collection, and if you feel your podcast qualifies for inclusion, please let us know through our submit form.

Big thanks to Chris (the programming maestro), Marie-Eve (the graphic wrangler with the eyes of gold), and Madeline (the html artiste/pound-IE-into-submissioner).

More projects to come soon! Stay tuned…


  1. Chris Hughes Chris Hughes 2007-11-21

    Congratulations Collectik!

    Really nice interface. Gold eyes indeed.

  2. Mat Mat 2007-11-21

    nicely done collectik team… sweet design and implementation.

    unfortunately have never climbed aboard the podcast bandwago (prefer to read my information) but nonetheless, looks good to me.

    i wonder if there should not also be a that aggregates canadian culture blogs?

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-11-21

    “ that aggregates canadian culture blogs?”

    I was just thinking the same thing.

    re: podcasts: how do you read when you are cooking?

  4. Mat Mat 2007-11-22

    information consumption goes away and i listen to music (which could be construed as a form of information consumption, i know… but for me it’s more of an emotional thing)

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