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how i use my tools

I’m noticing my self-selection of how I’m using my different digital publishing/networking tools:

  • twitter: i use this as i would the old water cooler – comments about my day, pleasantries, links to little jokes, thoughts about life and everything. My twitter feed is open, but I only follow a few people, based on whether over time i find i enjoy reading their twits or not. this is a mix of friends and a few professional “colleagues,” a number of librivox people. i check twitter in downtimes, probably 5 times a day (for about a minute each time). twitter’s like cubicle banter. a great place to get tech questions etc answered.
  • facebook: i don’t really use facebook. I have a profile, I accept every invite to connect from anyone I remotely know. why do i keep my facebook profile? not sure. i check in a couple of times a week, and usually spend about 2 minutes on the site. it’s been useful mainly for notes about events i want to attend.
  • linkedin: I use this to keep track of people I know who are related to my professional life. i use it maybe once a month, or after conferences etc. Probably I check in for 5-10 minutes.
  • weblog: my weblog is used for a) philosophical writing b) notes about projects I am working on, or friends are working on c) links to things of interest that I wish to comment on, or that I think ought to be public d) political stuff e) stuff of personal interest (eg friday mixed tapes). I probably spend 20 mins a session, at least twice (probably 3 times) a day… sometimes more.

That’s about it I guess.