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congrats to CBC radio!

Because I love good radio, I get very angry with CBC for their bad radio, of which the examples are abundant.

However…I must offer a big public congrats to them for two new shows:

  • Spark, a great show about tech and trends hosteb by the so very excellent Nora Young; and
  • Search Engine, another fine show about the web and how it’s impacting society, hosted by Jesse Brown

I just listened (on my collectik player, check the sidebar here) to CBCRadio3, Spark, and then Search Engine all in a row… and thought, whoa, is it possible that CBC is actually cool and with it? Well done programming decision-makers (ps when are you going to cancel these shows!?)

I have no idea when they are on the radio, but the podcast urls are:


  1. Dan Misener Dan Misener 2007-11-10

    Thanks again for the support, Hugh.

    Spark was originally scheduled to run until the end of 2007, and we just got the good news that we’ll continue until at least June 2008.

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-11-10

    superb, & congrats again… by the way your name is on every cbc show i listen to now!

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