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idea for a good web advertising business

There are many web stores out there, many affiliate advertising programs (amazon etc), and an increasing number of web ad services (google adsense, amazon etc) that you can put on your site to make some bucks. google gives you whatever ads that usually are irrelevant, and amazon gives you their products.

Proposal: a “meta” affiliate program that allows me to manage ads from many different affiliate programs. This allows me, on my blog or site, to:
a) manage web ads from many different webstores (amazon, indigo, futureshop,,, etc) through one account/interface
b) choose *exactly* what products get advertised on my site (gilbert rugby balls, specific books i like, gadgets I endorse, organic soy milk that’s tasty etc)
c) add in PSAs for causes/URLs I like (atwater library, project gutenberg, my pal’s blog etc)
d) *and* provides affiliate management for small webstores who can’t implement their own service.

Benefits to me (site owner):
a. ads are for exactly the things I want to advertise
b. ads chosen for my specific target audience – better conversion rates
c. rather than choosing between different afiliate programs, I can use all of them
d. can advertsie for things that right now can’t be advertised in any sensible way

Benefits to existing affiliate programs:
a. probably none… this will take away their cornering of the market
b. but maybe that I target the audience better, so can sell more stuff thru me

Benefits to webstores:
a. provide affiliate service where none prevously exists
b. advertising to just the right audience … site owners who have chosen your goods to advertise (note this is the opposite of the trad model where advertisers choose their audience; here the audience is choosing their advertsiers – much better).

Does this exist? If someone implements this and makes millions, can i please get preferential client treatment? Thanks. Also, if you want to hire me as a consultant, I am willing to consider it.