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airport security

Security Guard: What is in this tube?
Me: Prescription skin cream.
SG: What is it for?
Me: ?
SG: What is it for?
Me: … Um… a skin condition.
SG: Did a doctor prescribe this?
Me: Yes.
SG: Do you have a note from the doctor?
Me: The prescription label is on the tube. Right there [pointing].
SG: So you don’t have a note from the doctor?
Me: The doctor’s name is on the prescription label.
SG: [reading] …
Me: [waiting] …
SG: Do you need this cream?
Me: Yes.
SG: So you are saying you need this cream?
Me: Yes.
SG: But the prescription label says: “Apply to affected areas twice a day *if* needed.”
Me: [silence]
SG: It says, “If needed.”
Me: Yes.
SG: So do you need it or not?
Me: Yes.
SG: You need it?
Me: Yes.
SG: OK, but next time get a note from a doctor.


  1. zura zura 2007-11-06


  2. julien julien 2007-11-06

    let me guess, this was in the united states.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-11-06


  4. Patrick Patrick 2007-11-11

    I guess you missed the memo, we’re all criminals now. We didn’t get questioned like this ourselves but coming back from NY the train was stopped for over 2 hours while they went around the train and then interrogated and searched a few people in the “restaurant” car. A half hour was just waiting for them to even get on the damned train! After an hour and a half they stopped yelling to stay seated and just started yelling to stay in our own coah.

  5. Hugh Hugh 2007-11-11

    this wasn’t even cross border! mtl-saskatoon…

  6. Patrick Patrick 2007-11-11

    He was trying to convince you of not going to Saskatoon, I think he had a point! ;)

  7. Shawna Nelles Shawna Nelles 2007-11-21

    That’s ridiculous.

    I got one for you.

    (Beirut Airport 2:30am, nobody around but me and 3 security guards)

    SG: (smiles)
    ME: um.. hi
    SG: you’re pretty. a real cutie. (looking me up and down)
    SG2+3: (grinning)
    ME: uh.. heh
    SG: I like you
    ME: ok. (somewhat amused, somewhat creeped out)
    SG: (staring at me)
    ME: so.. should I put my bags through?
    SG1,2,3: laughing and nodding
    ME: (thinking “wtf?!”)

    ;) !! (took them a while to go through my stuff but no problems)

  8. Hugh Hugh 2007-11-21

    yuk … ! good thing he didn’t see your spoon video!

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