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teen podcasting

I’m watching a session at Podcamp Boston on teen podcasting, by kabren levinson of (started when he was 15, 2 years ago)… the intro was pretty interesting, about Kabren’s experience of NOT getting his session accepted in the original schedule (read his blog post here and the follow-up here… Podcamp, being run by good folks, addressed the issue and gave him a slot).

Did you know there’s a TeenPodcastNetwork.

Quote: “How come teens are never involved in planning teen centres?” … good question. Cool kid.


  1. Lisa Lisa 2007-10-28

    Hi Hugh! I am bummed I missed this session. I enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the High School Journalism session and the discussions that followed. I think Leslie’s project can really take off and I hope to be a part of it…to get teen voices “out there”! – LKR

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-10-29

    hi lisa, i hope to hear lots of good things about that project! good luck.

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