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  1. Man Disener Man Disener 2007-10-12

    Listened to the mp3 you linked, and I didn’t hear any ads. Just the 0:05 ID, followed by the show, followed by a promo at the end.

    So then I listened to the latest As It Happens podcast, and heard the Cadillac spot. The language in the script is very interesting — “Support for delivery of this podcast…”

  2. Man Disener Man Disener 2007-10-12

    Er… just noticed the MP3 example switcheroo.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-10-12

    hey, man… ;-) …yup spark is not yet tainted.

    i kinda think it’s the exact same bumper-style as npr uses.

  4. Justin Justin 2007-10-14

    Hmm I’ll let you know to tell the truth I’m a bit behind in my listening, but I haven’t heard ads yet.

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