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  1. Dan Parsons Dan Parsons 2007-10-08

    hugh, do they torture people in canada? :) about the only atrocity left for my country to commit would be another nuclear attack.

  2. zura zura 2007-10-10

    Geez… nice to see that the American government does not sanction torture. Also nice to know that the definition of “torture” is secret and ambiguous.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-10-12

    @dan: no we just tip the CIA off when they are changing flights in the US, then the CIA sends them to other countries where they get tortured.

    @zura: yes, “we don’t do the acts signified by the word you are using, only we get to define the word ourselves the way we like, *and* we won’t tell you what that definition is.”

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