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Laika Coffee Stirs the Heart

Every time I get a nicely layered Laika coffee, and watch the beauty of that first stir, I think to myself: If I ever make a movie, this will be the opening shot. Today I realized that with my little macbook pro isight camera, I could film it, and get that first shot I’ve always wanted. Now to make the rest of the film…Hmm there’s a nice gimmick boing boing would like: a full-length feature film, made entirely with a built-in MBP isight camera. Who’s in?

Stirring coffee @ Laika from Hugh and Vimeo.

See some static pics of laika coffee at the new photo sharing site, flickr.


  1. zura zura 2007-08-31

    This is great. :) But I am shocked you do not lick the spoon after the first stir. Shocked.

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-08-31

    hmm… i’ve never licked a coffee spoon, never occurred to me. … a possibilty for the final cut of the full-length movie tho.

  3. zura zura 2007-08-31

    It’s the best part. :)

  4. niko niko 2007-08-31

    Here’s an idea: we all film ourselves stirring our coffee, then sell the videos to coffee-stirring fetishists. It should exist, shouldn’t it ? There’s a fetish for everything out there.

  5. niko niko 2007-08-31

    but seriously, it’s true we don’T record enough moments of our lives with our isight.

  6. kara kara 2007-08-31


    Y’know, I’ve never taken movies with my iSight… not even sure how. I poked around one day and it wasn’t obvious. How do you do it?

  7. Hugh Hugh 2007-08-31

    open imovie, and you’ll see a little camera/scissors icon/switch in the bottom left corner (just under the image) … click it over to the camera, and it should switch to isight automatically.

  8. jeremy clarke jeremy clarke 2007-08-31

    Seriously Hugh, I just can’t believe you never even considered licking the spoon.

    I mean, it’s one thing to have tried it and decided that it wasn’t for you for some reason (not that there’s a good enough reason, but i’m supposing here), but to have never done it!? This is a new low.

    Also, the title for the movie must be “Full of Hugh”, that or CastVoxPod.

  9. Alexandre Alexandre 2007-09-05

    I’d be in if I had my own MBP (or MB).
    And the café theme can go quite far. Montreal’s already going through its own café renaissance and all over the world there are so many great cafés to serve as locations for edgy movies.
    Not too difficult to think about convoluted plots involving café culture, social networks, friendships, love, free culture, etc.
    While a feature film could be nice, cafés lend themselves to shorts. And there are so many “amateur cinematographers” out there who could participate.
    Not to mention café owners, musicians, visual artists…

    It will be done.

  10. Shawna Nelles Shawna Nelles 2007-09-11

    I’d like to see Part II .. Licking Spoon @ Laika

  11. jeremy clarke jeremy clarke 2007-09-11

    “Full of Hugh: A Spoonlicking Virgin’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Caffeinated Awakening”

  12. Alexandre Alexandre 2007-11-21

    I prefer Shawna’s version.

  13. Hugh Hugh 2007-11-21

    wowzer!!! ;)

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