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nyt & wsj to be set free?

Mathew Ingram reports that the Wall Street Journal and NY Times may drop their paid registration wall, that keeps some content closed except to those who pay a yearly subscription fee ($50 for NYTimes). Says Ingram:

But if both the Times and the Journal are making money from their online subscription services – which they reportedly are – why would they do away with them? The simple answer is that opening their content up to a broader audience could provide even more revenue in the form of advertising, and more growth potential (since neither service is growing very quickly, if at all).

For those not paying attention (such as the Globe and Mail), no registration and fees means I was able to read Ingram’s article, and you can click the link to go visit the Globe to read the whole thing. But if it’s behind a wall, I can’t read it or link to it, so there are fewer eyeballs able to read it (and see the ads on the web).

And in other news, the world is apparently round, and not flat.

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  1. kara kara 2007-08-19

    “And in other news, the world is apparently round, and not flat.”


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