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blogs and presidential politics

KOS hosts a yearly convention for progressive political bloggers. This year most of the Democratic presidential candidiates attended. If you are sick of the crap that passes for debate in mainstream media, have a look at where all the biggies in the Dem field stand on the issues, courtesy of the KOS event, and PoliticsTV:

Daily KOS Presidential Forum (videos).

-a blog brought together all the heavy Democratic presidential candidates for a useful debate. That’s impressive.
-in the long run, I think more and more citizens will seek out this kind of information
-MSM doesn’t want to sell substance like this, but the politicians do … and maybe the net is the only place where we’ll find it
-will the Right have a similar event?
-I was impressed by Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and John Edwards … Clinton and Obama seemed pretty light-weight, and the other guys up there (Kucinich and someone elseMike Gravel) are probably too far out of whack for the US, but I agree with most of what they have to say.

By the way, the right-wing blowhard Bill O’Reilly, I guess worried about the influence of the YearlyKOS convention, calls KOS “a hate site worse than the Ku Klux Klan.” Watch an edited vid of Bill’s greatest hits. (Oh, and even Michelle Malkin agrees!).


  1. Freddie Lynch Freddie Lynch 2007-08-07

    Has anyone else noticed that the issues of the recent debates has “swung away” from the domestic issues about the lack of jobs and the advent of illegal aliens in this country? I will admit that the war in Iraq is indeed a topic of concern but isn’t it being used to “quiet” complaints about the rise in unemployment and the almost geometrical increase in the number of illegal aliens in this country? And what EXACTLY is a “guest worker” anyway? (Can you say “ILLEGAL ALIEN by another name”?) Let’s solve the problems here at home before we attempt to solve someone else’s problems. FOCUS on America for a while and let the rest of the world “go hang” until we can say “AMERICA IS THE GREATEST NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH” with a pride and dignity – AGAIN!

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-08-07

    I’d argue that any government (and electorate) worth it’s salt should be able to deal with more than 2 issues at once.

    And I’d guess that rising unemployment has more to do with more manufacturing moving offshore than anything else…I don’t know any details of the illegal aliens issue.

    But if you want to be able to say “America … greatest” again, there’s some work to do (start with, say, Iraq, torture, and finish by actually implementing the Constitution and rule-of-law).

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