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mixed tape: cheezball slow songs of the 80s

Bit late for the Friday Youtube Mixed Tape, but here it is anyway. Tacky tearjerkers from mid-eighties, that are still fun to listen to (for a while anyway):

Foreigner: I Wanna Know What Love Is

Corey Hart: Never Surrender

And, of course:
Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Heart


  1. kara kara 2007-08-05

    Wow, those are seriously embarrassing. Speaking of embarrassing, I’d like to request a Rod Stewart youtube mixtape some Friday. (I thought he was hot when I was 12. Vomit.) Must include “Young Turks”.

    Or how about a jazzercize/aerobics theme? Let’s get PHYSICAL! PHYSICAL!

  2. Chris Hughes Chris Hughes 2007-08-06

    I never saw the Foreigner video before. What a pile of….

    The song is a favourite change-the-lyrics song in the office. Someone sings the first line, and someone else has to sing back an alternative lyric for the second line. Some memorable attempts: ” I wanna know what love is…”

    “Can I lend you a dictionary…”
    “Is is a score in Ten-nis?”
    etc etc

    Try it yourself. Its fun.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-08-06

    @kara, requests noted. young turks was a song I *LOVED* as a kid, so fits well into a mixed tape, but after listening i couldn’t think of two other songs to go with it, so I’ll have to figure that out. Maybe “songs I LOVED as a kid” but I can’t find a decent vid for Eye in the Sky by Alan Parsons Project. “physical” fits well, tho, so maybe I need one more … so I’ll have to really reach back in my mind.

    @chris: ha!

    …but coming up blank!!

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