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the anti-neutrality site

For those of you who think Net Neutrality is an important issue … here is the antidote:

Hands off the Internet, which is:

… a nationwide coalition of Internet users, manufacturers and network operators united in the belief that the Net’s phenomenal growth over the past decade will continue if government does not attempt an unwise effort to regulate a market that is otherwise working to give consumers the choices, freedom, prices and diverse experiences they desire in the new age of the Internet.

Supported by these guys.

I found HOTI when reading a funny quote from Craig Newmark:

Imagine if you tried to order a pizza and the phone company said AT&T’s preferred pizza vendor is Domino’s. Press one to connect to Domino’s now. If you would still like to order from your neighborhood pizzeria, please hold for three minutes while Domino’s guaranteed orders are placed.

Which I saw on Dan’s blog, which got a long comment from HOTI.

(PS don’t you just love an industry-funded “grassroots” organization with an acronym that sounds like “hottie”?)