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royalties to get into heaven?

In a move that strikes some as proprietary ecclesiastical politics, the Vatican released a statement Tuesday claiming that the Catholic Church is the only Christian organization eligible to use the term church to describe itself.

How long before the cease and desist letters start flowing out of Rome?


  1. Kristin Kristin 2007-07-13

    Haha, oh man I don’t need more reasons to ridicule that church. Ugh.

  2. Justin Justin 2007-07-13

    Um…didn’t the copyright expire yet? Pretty sure the whole bible is public domain now.

  3. hugh hugh 2007-07-13

    yeah not sure what their legal/logical basis might be? good luck to them, i am sure they will win many converts and new friends with such an approach. just look at all the new metallica fans that came on board when they started suing everyone for downloading their music…

  4. Allan Allan 2007-07-13

    Perhaps he read the Da Vinci Code, and feels justified.

    But isn’t Jesus the only way in, regardless?

    It seems that the only hope for peace on earth, these days, is a crusade to find a way to live alongside/with Islam and The Koran.
    Anything else, is only going to make matters worse.

    If islam were to make the same claim, they would be ridiculed.
    And add fuel to the notion of a modern-day religious war.

  5. Justin Justin 2007-07-13

    Not really, this would be like a sect of Islam claiming to be the only true Islam (which happens all the time).

    I wish the religious nuts could find a way to settle their differences without involving everyone else. I have nothing against faith, I’m not an atheist, but religion has nothing to do with faith. Religion is like government without any accountability. It’s smart people tricking stupid people into thinking that they alone know ‘the way’. Like they have some kind of personal relationship with god (or whoever). I’ve never met god, know virtually nothing about god but I do know that no one else knows any more than I do.

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