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wanna give courses on blogging (etc)?

I have found myself, somehow, President of the Board of Directors of the Atwater Library and Computer Centre.

We have a great project going in the Digital Literacy Project (in fund-raising mode), and we would like to beef up our offerings of courses in our computer centre, to focus more on social media. If anyone is interested in teaching some courses (for $15+/hr), please contact me.

Courses that would be nice to see:

-Blogging for beginners
-Podcasting for beginners
-Selling stuff on ebay
-What are your kids doing online?
-Online photos
-Online videos

Other ideas for courses would be more than welcome. I guess I’d hope to get a brief proposal of what the course would be about. Typically, our courses come in 4 or 8 hour packages. Let me know if you are interested, or spread the word if you think you know someone who might be suitable.


  1. I think I’ve got a great candidate for you; I’ll ask her to email and follow up.

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-06-28

    that would be great…

  3. Thomas Morris Thomas Morris 2010-07-20

    Fund Raising is always needed to support existing and future projects..,’

  4. we always make a fund raising drive when we want to do some cleanup on the local neighborhood.~’

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