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US Attorney Scandal Obsession

For some reason, I am obsessed with the US Attorney Scandal. The best coverage is at TalkingPointsMemo, where I just read this statement, from Monica Goodling, former #3 (?) at the US Department of Justice, which has been deposed before Congress in their hearings into the matter:

…At heart, I am a fairly quiet girl who tries to do the right thing and tries to treat people kindly along the way. I always knew I wanted to grow up and do something to serve or help other people. I went to public schools growing up, but chose Christian universities, in part, because of the value placed on service …

[more …]

There is lots of context to this, but let’s just say it seems like an odd statement for someone who was a top civil servant at probably the most important department of the government – the one charged with enforcing the laws of the United States of America.

If Ms. Goodling was appearing before the school’s discipline committee for abusing her position as prefect and stealing from the grade 10 bake sale coffers, I could imagine such a statement. But from a top Justice Department official??