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start-up sociopaths

Says Evan:

Most technology startups I’ve been in have been run by charismatic sociopaths with no actual management or technology experience. They make wild, ignorant, unfounded promises to both employees and potential customers, then get increasingly anxious and unpleasant as their unsupportable predictions of schedule and market share don’t come through.



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  1. Dissociate Dissociate 2008-01-06

    The only way to detect and flush out a sociopath is to hire a individual who is inflicted with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

    Give the DID a simple desk job and they’ll do the rest.

    You’ll have to fire the DID afterwards because the sociopath is going to go after that DID with vengeance. But find the DID another job so he can flush again.

    If only corporations could understand DIDs. If they did DIDs would be in strong demand.

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