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LibriVox in NYC art gallery

Touch, Listen (2007)
Dennis Yuen & Morry Galonoy
Bookcloths, Davey board, decorative paper, linen threads, ink, long-stitch binding, voice XML, PHP, syndication from [b]LibriVox’s [/b]public domain podcast stream of audio poetry

Books are meant to be touched.

Poetry is meant to be listened to. Tel: (617) 850 9366

Each is an art form that should be experienced intimately and personally through our senses.

Touch, Listen explores the book as a tactile art object meant to be held, touched and physically interacted with, and its hypothetical content, in this case, poetry, meant to be performed and listened to. Separating the forms allows us to experience each one as an extension of our ideas, thoughts and feelings, as well as content to its own form.

April is national poetry month.

see: Touch, Listen (2007)