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GrandPerspective – see your memory

Great little ap for mac users who have huge hard drives that are … full all of a sudden. Where are are those big files? What are they? How can I find the stuff I want to dump?

Try GrandPerspective (only for OSX I think).

It scans your hard disk and gives you a graphical representation of your files – small squares are small files, big squares are big files. You can click on the big ones, get info on them, decide if you want em or not, and reveal them in Finder …So you can trash em.


Very nice. Just freed up 20 G on my hard drive.

Thanks Kara.


  1. I use something similar called Disk Inventory X; also a very nifty tool.

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-03-28

    ha! they use a nicer colour palette too…

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