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OK, I’m Twittering

Dammit. I don’t even have a phone. I can’t get it into my sidebar for some reason. But, in any case, here I am:

God help me now.

(PS thank you Mitch; and can I make a suggestion for a killer business?: digital rehab centres, to cure people of addiction to digital information).

(PPS: Mitch is doing a new podcast with Harper Collins, about business books, called: Foreward Thinking; which makes two people I know doing podcasts for Harper Collins, the other is Cathi Bond, who does interviews with fiction writers at the Prosecast.)


  1. christine christine 2007-03-25

    good grief

  2. reuben reuben 2007-03-26

    I think you’re still on a mac, hugh. if so check out twitterific.

    also check out twittervision dot com.

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-03-26

    hey reub, obviously you are not (yet) following my life in twitter! ;-) how could you resist the fascination. i wrote about testing twitterific, but it keeps hanging, and then crashing…i’ve heard twittertools might help, and am checking as i type this, while composing two emails, seeing what craig is up to on twitter, and with seven other firefox tabs open, including one tab related to the actual work i am supposed to be doing right now.

  4. snhhqcoyvo snhhqcoyvo 2007-06-18

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