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A while back (on the old dose), I wrote some climate change posts, that attracted the attention of a couple of commenters, who I suspected of being flacks. We had a detailed exchange.

My theory for which I have zero proof, is that some people are paid to go around making climate-skeptic comments on blogs. I met Nicolas Ritoux (through Evan), and we talked about it. He writes for La Press, did some more digging, and wrote a couple of pieces that are in the paper today:


And here is an article, from NY Review of Books, about where we are on climate.


  1. Stéphane Z. Stéphane Z. 2007-02-20

    Paid or have interest into it. If you want you can read Desmog blog (, a website dedicated to debunk PR strategies against climate change. Oil firms and others are paying think tank to spread the word against Kyoto.

    Even if their official voice admits the existence of climate change, they still try to set a doubt. It’s hard to fight them because they usually bring scientific arguments you can’t debunk unless you’re a climatologist or unless you spend to find counter-arguments…

  2. Hugh Hugh 2007-02-20

    right, and the strategy in the blogosphere is not to argue with the original blogger, but to cast doubt in the minds of other readers of the post….

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