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we have mice. they have started to make squeaky noises. when it was the odd rustle in far the pantry, or the much less common skitter across the floor, it was OK. but when they start sqeaking in the walls, that’s really too much.


  1. Maurizio Ortolani Maurizio Ortolani 2007-02-12

    Sigh. Us too. Since just after Christmas. This is the second round with rodent roommates since we’ve been in our current townhouse close to the banks of the Rideau River, which has something to do with the mouse population in our area, I think.

    The first time, a few years ago, it was a single mouse which I was able to get with a humane trap. I’m pretty sure he came in in the fall when I had the back door open for an extended period one evening. Mistake.

    This latest round is probably due to the fact that we had a small hole in the dry wall of our garage (even longer story) for a while.

    Unfortuanetly, I couldn’t get, what turned out to be 6 mice, with the humane trap and I had to use the traditional spring trap. I wasn’t going to let six mice turn into 60.

    The trick to getting them is to know that they are nocturnal, and they are creatures of habit. They take the same exploratory routes through your house every night, at almost the same time every night. If you know their route and you place the traps on the route, you’re sure to get them.

  2. admin admin 2007-02-12

    yeah… I need to get on this soon. things are getting out of hand. we have some traps, but they are impossible to set. I spent about 20 minutes a couple of days ago trying to set one, and finally gave up. We got one mouse a while ago, and thought that was it. nope. i shudder to think how many are in the walls now.

  3. one mouse one mouse 2007-02-13

    Don’t kill any more, Hugh.

  4. Hugh Hugh 2007-02-17

    man i wish i could claim some recent kills to feel guilty about. none. but i have just set 4 new traps… so stay tuned.

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