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dose magazine v2 (for the bucks)

Wonderful. CanWest, the media giant that owns 11 major Canadian daily newspapers, including the horrendous Montreal Gazette, the right-wing National Post, as well as the Vancouver Sun and the Calgary Herald; and the Global Television Network has launched a new magazine/website/portal aimed at “urban, intelligent, and fun 18-34 year-olds.”

Title?? Yes: Dose.

Quoth my (upstart) doppelganger, Noah Godfrey, Publisher of Dose (v2):

“Built by young Canadians, Dose is designed specifically to serve the unique needs and enhance the lifestyle of this media-savvy demographic.”

“Through multiple touch points, Dose will provide information and services from the perspective of our peers. We will empower our audience with ideas that will engage them in thought, conversation, and activity, all packaged in relevant formats that are free and convenient. Our objective is to make Dose a media brand by which our peers define themselves.”

Sounds delish.

You know it would have been cool if this had been in the UK or something, but what are the odds of seeing these guys pop up in Canada? For now they do not plan to spread their magazine anywhere east of Ottawa (much to my relief).

Well what can you do? Let’s hope there are no lawyers letters in the mail telling me to change the name of my weblog. (Speaking of which I noticed a recent uptick in hits, coinciding strangely with no posts from me. An explanation I guess).

For some reactions, here’s UBC’s Thunderbird once and twice.

I suppose I shouldn’t be such a skeptic (after all they are planning to offer ring tones on their site!), but I must admit I feel a little violated. Maybe I can make a few thou off of now though?