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how-to: mycomments feed myblog

As part of the evolution of the mycomment blogging discussions started by Mike L, here is a quick how-to post your comments on other blogs, back to your own site, using an rss feed of:

(scroll down on this page, in sidebar on the rt to see what that looks like, a dynamic blogroll of blogs you’re commenting on, and your comments).

There are probably more elegant ways to do this, but here’s how I did it:

-create tag mycomments
-whenever you comment on someone else’s blog, post it to and tag it mycomments … cut&paste a bit of it into “extended” field if you want some of the content to come up on your page in the rss feed you create
-to generate javascript of your rss feed goto rss-to-javascrip
-in the URL box put “”
-if you want to show content, click “yes” to “show descriptions”
-generate javascript
-now post the script into your blog twemplate, in the sidebar section and voila, you have your comments elsewhere appearing on your own blog.

To refine the hack, you can tag all your comments mycomments, and the ones you want to post to your site mycomments + public.

Also, if you would like to help keep track of the spread of this tool, salp a commentblogger delicious tag on any blogs (including your own) that do this.

also props must go out to fling93 for being the first known species of mycomment poster found in the habitat.