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SXSW Panel: When Every Book Is Connected

My colleague, co-founder, and the chief architect and getter-doner at Book Oven, Stephanie Troeth has proposed a moderated panel at SXSW this year called: Beyond Publishing: When Every Book is Connected to Everyone We have an all-star line-up who have agreed to join us (if SXSW agrees to give us some space to talk): Kassia […]

Babbling about Twitter & Microblogging

danah boyd points to a study of Twitter usage by PearAnalytics, that concludes: 40.55% of the tweets they coded are pointless babble; 37.55% are conversational; 8.7% have “pass along value”; 5.85% are self-promotional; 3.75% are spam; and ::gasp:: only 3.6% are news.” As danah boyd suggests in her first sentence, studies like this are irritating. […]

Book Oven in the Gazette

Roberto Rocha of the Montreal Gazette has a good article about Book Oven and the new publishing landscape, with a nice pic out the window of the office (with me blocking the view, unfortunately): Before the Internet, when a writer could not find a publisher to print and sell a manuscript, he could take matters […]

Piracy vs. Availability: a Parable

A Parable of the Past An, er, friend of mine heard an interview on Fresh Air with Scottish director Armando Iannucci about his new film In the Loop (IMDB). He’d never heard of Iannucci, or the movie, or the TV show upon which the movie is based. The audio clips from the movie were so […]

Media Hack 12: Mobile & the Changes that Twitter Wrought

This week on Media Hacks we talk about the new iPhone, the next level of mobile, and … yep … Twitter, Iran, and the characteristics of the reach of microblogging. > Media Hacks 12

Layar: Superimposing the Future on the Present

O, present, we hardly knew ye. More here: layar via here: Martin Bryant.

Interview with CBC about the Future of Books

One of my favourite podcasts/radio shows is CBC’s Spark, with the lovely Nora Young. Spark covers technology and society, and Nora is a wonderful interviewer of wonderful guests. So I was thrilled when Nora asked me to talk with her about the future of books in the digital age, after our experience of putting on […]

Apple Doesn’t Want You Reading Kama Sutra

Ug. Apple iPhone App store rejects Eucalyptus ereader app … because you can read erotic texts from the public domain. As we say in Quebec, QQF? I presume this will get sorted out, but still … If you’re wondering why Eucalyptus is not yet available, it’s currently in the state of being ‘rejected’ for distribution […]

Download Decade

Books are going digital. New York Times had an article about the implications, which reminded me of that famous saying about not knowing history and doomed repeats. Things to remember: a) this means that if people want a book for free, it’ll be gettable free b) there’s nothing anyone can do about that c) the […]

Media Hacks #7: How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Here is Media Hacks #7, about where the bucks are or aren’t in online advertising. This episode, an intimate trio performs for your pleasure: C.C. Chapman, Mitch Joel and me. LISTEN HERE: Media Hacks: Episode 6. Or: Mp3 download.