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How to Turn off Buzz

If you are worried about privacy and Google Buzz (you should be), here’s how you can turn it off. 1. Log into Gmail 2. Scroll down to bottom of the page 3. Click: “Turn off Buzz” UPDATE: See here (Thanks Karl!): You can follow the Google Blog for more information.

Some Software That Makes Life Better

Here are four pieces of software that have really changed my quality of life for the better. I thought I would share them with you. 1password ($39.95). I don’t know what unit stress is measured in, but every time I see a web login page the little needle on the gauge attached to my ear […]

Our RFID World

For a while I was leery of RFID technology, with worries about everyone & everything being trackable at all times. I guess I still worry about it in some sense, but it doesn’t matter. RFID is already everywhere, and will become even everywherer. The overwhelming pressure of the usefulness of RFID (and its successors) means […]

SXSW Panel: When Every Book Is Connected

My colleague, co-founder, and the chief architect and getter-doner at Book Oven, Stephanie Troeth has proposed a moderated panel at SXSW this year called: Beyond Publishing: When Every Book is Connected to Everyone We have an all-star line-up who have agreed to join us (if SXSW agrees to give us some space to talk): Kassia […]

Babbling about Twitter & Microblogging

danah boyd points to a study of Twitter usage by PearAnalytics, that concludes: 40.55% of the tweets they coded are pointless babble; 37.55% are conversational; 8.7% have “pass along value”; 5.85% are self-promotional; 3.75% are spam; and ::gasp:: only 3.6% are news.” As danah boyd suggests in her first sentence, studies like this are irritating. […]

Close Door Buttons

In most elevators, at least in any built or installed since the early nineties, the door-close button doesn’t work. It is there mainly to make you think it works. And (unrelated, but from the same article): The [elevator] escape hatch is always locked. By law, it’s bolted shut, from the outside. It’s there so that […]

Media Hack 12: Mobile & the Changes that Twitter Wrought

This week on Media Hacks we talk about the new iPhone, the next level of mobile, and … yep … Twitter, Iran, and the characteristics of the reach of microblogging. > Media Hacks 12

Layar: Superimposing the Future on the Present

O, present, we hardly knew ye. More here: layar via here: Martin Bryant.

Those Darned Kids

Kids boycott classroom with CCTV cameras. People call them brats. Kids respond with an op-ed that every adult should read. Many users suggested that cameras were a good idea because they could be used to keep an eye on bullying and student behaviour, we were accused of been “narcissistic megalomaniacs” angry at “being nabbed for […]

Apple Doesn’t Want You Reading Kama Sutra

Ug. Apple iPhone App store rejects Eucalyptus ereader app … because you can read erotic texts from the public domain. As we say in Quebec, QQF? I presume this will get sorted out, but still … If you’re wondering why Eucalyptus is not yet available, it’s currently in the state of being ‘rejected’ for distribution […]